Relax Studio

We live in a world that makes it hard to really unwind. The demands of our daily lives are intense and never-ending. So, it’s essential we find ways to disconnect, relax and recharge our lives from the demanding needs of life.

At Relax Studio, our sofas are crafted with your body in mind. Blending comfort with advanced technological features, a Relax Studio sofa offers you exceptional comfort to recharge your body from the hectic world after a long day.

Relaxation Is About Endless Possibilities Of Comfort.

Relax Studio combines intelligent design with patented technology to give you the maximum comfort that you deserve.

Create endless possibilities with multiple configurations, colours and upholstery options with various add-on functions.

Our over three decades of research results in a recliner that can perfectly sit as the centrepiece of any living space.

Relax Studio Story

Relax Studio came about from the simple yet abstract concept of relaxation which is unique to every person.

We first introduce the reclining function on our trademark contemporary leather sofa in 1999 to worldwide success. The traditional concept of reclining sofa was revolutionised. We focused our creative energies on design and lifestyle-oriented considerations, without sacrificing comfort.

Today, with our endless innovations, we have changed the perception of reclining sofas from bulky and dull- looking into a contemporary and stunning range of motion furniture that will elevate your lifestyle and make Relax Studio sofa your favourite place in your home.

Relax Studio Philosophy

Our approach to customised luxury and comfort produces a reclining sofa that can only be experienced as total fulfilment.

Relax Studio was conceived to create exceptional leather and fabric sofas for people that will redefine the idea of beautiful relaxation.

Because the centrepiece of your living room should be as comfortable as it is stunning. We strive to create a range of products to realise your lifestyle aspirations.

A Relax Studio Recliner Is Designed To Be
The Centrepiece Of Your Home.
A Relax Studio Recliner Is Designed To Be
The Centrepiece Of Your Home.
Relax Studio Collections
Euro Motion
The best of contemporary and modern styles that elevates the ambience of any contemporary home
Zerowall Motion
Maximise living space with Zerowall motion that allows the sofa to fully incline even when positioned against the wall.
Compact Motion
Apartment sized motion furniture that is best suited for compact city living.
USA Motion
Embracing comfort that exudes grace and luxury with a full seat to floor leg rest.